Leaflet distribution offers one of the best value mass marketing mediums available to local businesses.  It is a low cost, blanket marketing tool that is best used on a regular basis, to increase brand awareness.

A door-to-door distribution campaign by SA Flyers can be extremely effective when used with the sophisticated targeting tools that we have at our disposal. We use demographic profiling and an advanced targeting system to ensure that your leaflets only go into areas where your customers live, saving you money and preventing wastage of your marketing materials.


The maps are a crucial element of our distribution process, allowing us to provide you with exceptional customer service. We will mark on the maps the areas you have chosen for distribution, a copy of which will be given to the team leader.


Our team leader will leave the office at 8.45am, with his/her team in our company vehicle and return at 4.45pm. The team leader will oversee and organise the days distribution, ensuring that your leaflets are distributed to the high standard that you require. Distribution


During the days distribution, each team member will highlight on the map the areas they have covered, with any exceptions (e.g. 3a Hill Crescent, unable to open gate) clearly noted.

Keeping you in control

Maps are handed into the office every morning by each of the team leaders, our customer service team will then save a copy of these allowing you to see where your leaflets have been delivered to if you wish.

Place your order with us by speaking with Gemma, Fern or Tom and once we receive all relevant information (and the leaflets) we are set to go!

  • Design

    Leaflet design and content is vital for the success of any leaflet distribution campaign. First impressions count and if you want your leaflet to stand out from the crowd, the way it looks and what you say is all important. We don’t just design your leaflet, we provide guidance on the best layout and information to ensure it includes elements such as highlighting your key messages and a strong call to action.

  • Print

    No need to go to the time and effort of finding a separate printer as we provide high quality, low cost printing for all your promotional materials. From flyers & leaflets to banners & swing boards we can provide printing for it all.

  • Distribution

    We are the premier leaflet distribution provider across Wales and the West. We distribute to the SA, CF and NP postcode areas across South Wales and the BA and BS postcode areas in the West of England.  We distribute promotional material for all organisations large or small including national organisations such as Tesco and B&Q to local shops and business services.